Motogenn's Bike of the month - Ducati Panigale V4

Author: Motogenn  Date Posted:1 April 2022 

The Ducati Panigale V4 is a  sports bike with a 1,103 cc (67.3 cu in) desmodronic 90° V4 engine introduced by Ducait in 2018 as the successor to the 1299. 

The Panigale V4 is Ducati's first large-production street bike with a V4 engine, Ducati having primarily used V-twins since the 1960s, except on prototypes and race bikes.

The initial development of the Panigale V4 started with the 2015 MotoGP racing engine. Ducati said the Panigale V4 was designed to combine racing features, while also being an entertaining and rideable motorcycle with a durable engine. 


The Panigale V4's 1,103 cc (67.3 cu in) desmodromic 90° V4 engine, unlike the prior 1199 and 1299 where the engine is the primary element of the frame, is surrounded by a more conventional aluminum perimeter frame. The engine is rotated further backwards than other Ducatis, so that the swingarm pivot is mated to the rear cylinders, rather than lower on the engine near the crankshaft. Unlike most street bikes and previous Ducatis other than MotoGP racing machines, the Panigale V4's engine rotates in the opposite direction of the wheels, counteracting the gyroscopic effect and therefore decreasing the force necessary to change the bike's inclination.


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