Motogenn's Bike of the month - Triumph Speed Triple

Author: Motogenn  Date Posted:28 January 2022 

The Triumph Speed Triple is a series of motorbikes made by Triumph.

The 1994 Hinckley Triumph was one of the first modern sports bikes made in the streetfighter style.

The first Speed Triple was introduced in 1994, and got its name as a nod to the 1938 Speed Twin. It was based on the Triumph Triple series of engines, which also powered the Triumph Trident, Daytona and Thunderbird.

Early Speed Triples were all carburated, T300 series bikes. Early 90s models came with the standard 885 cc water-cooled engine and five-speed transmission.

Later Speed Triples had the same engine with six speed transmissions, except for the brief run of 750cc bikes.

The last T309 Speed Triple was built in 1996. The newly introduced T595 Daytona was supplied with fuel injection and the 955cc engine.

The T509 Speed Triple, was completely redesigned. It offered an all-new 885cc engine and was fitted with a SAGEM system. The T509 also featured an aluminium perimeter chassis, a single-sided swingarm and upgraded suspension components.

The 955i from early 00s didn’t change much appearance wise (silver wheels not black), however the engine control unit was updated to the Sagem MC2000 and wiring harness improved. The Daytona and Speed Triple were both 955i bikes.

Triumph released its fourth-generation Speed Triple in 2005 designed by Rodolfo Frascoli. Same engine since the 90s but with increased capacity to 1050cc. It boasted improvements like inverted forks, radial disk brake callipers, redesigned electronic gauge cluster and trip computer and was also fitted with a fuel injection and engine management system made by the Keihin Corporation. 

There weren't many notable changes in the late 00s however in 2016, Triumph updated several things, like weight and power and including several changes to the engine. Ride-by-wire was added with five ride modes with traction control and an anti-lock braking system that can be turned on or off.

Finally, in 2021 Triumph redesigned the Speed Triple - the 1200 RS. Powered by a brand new 1160cc engine, they also launched the speed triple RR which has a different front end of that of RS engine.

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